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Medicinal mushrooms benefits Quality Testimonials
Medicinal mushrooms have been shown to enhance immunity and foster disease prevention and treatment. These benefits and effects include immuno-modulation, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, cognitive improvement, augmented nerve cell modulation, hepatic protection, anti-viral, anti-osteoporosis, etc. All our organice products are exclusively manufactured by us in our Canadian facilities using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our mycelium grown on organic Canadian rye grain which occurs within the enclosed glass jars, thereby preventing undesirable contamination from insects, molds and bacteria. We work hard to make sure that our companion animals are provided with the best quality, human-grade immune support supplements. Many of our customers have shared their experiences with our products. We really appreciate your support and will continue to strive to improve our products and services.
Medicinal mushrooms benefits Quality Testimonials